Tanroc's mission is to work with our customers to assist them in there production goals.  We meet this objective by problem solving with our customers, driving continuous improvement, and standing behind our products.

The company's success's can be attributed to the vast experience pool in which it employees.  The company's owners and employees have over 75 years of domestic (Canada) and international oil production experience.  This experience includes a vast variety of down hole and above surface applications.


Progressive Cavity Pumps
Tanroc's main product line is Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP's).  Our line is very diverse with pumps ranging from 7m3 to 332 m3 (44-2085 bbl) per day at 100 rpm.  The line includes several unique elastomer compounds to ensure long run lifes in all a wide range of operating conditions.

Surface Production Equipment
Tanroc supplies Varible Frquency Drives (VFD's), Wellhead Drives, Prime Movers and Skids, etc.